Welcome To Alex's GITA Page! =)

Hello There!

This is the official GITA page for Alex Schamberger. I started using scratch a while back as a young child, and started coding with words at 8th grade. The reason I took computers in the first place because I always felt intrested with technology. I am currently in GITA 2 (AP CompSci Prin) and learning web development. I learned C# in GITA 1 last year in the 8th grade. This page is meant to be a hub for all of my GITA projects from GITA 1 to 4, despite not actually being finished, so don't expect a GITA 4 page to be up and ready by next month. I'm taking Honors bio and marching band for PE at the time of writing this. I'm considering taking honors LitComp 2 next year, feels more complete. I want to go to at least a CSU for college and I want to do something related to technology for my job. I do not belong to any clubs nor community services.


The GITA program is just a college oriented computer science elctive. I don't have much to say about it other than it looks good on your application to Activision or something. Don't know why you would want to work for Activision.

School Adress: 789 N Wildcat Way, Brea, CA 92821

School Phone Number: (714) 990-7850

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